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The team at AshopCommerce has been providing real e-commerce solutions to businesses since 2004. In fact, they have won several awards, including best technology in small business. They have been profitable each year since 2004, with average growth of 325%!

This is not surprising since the software offered is an impressive solution. The interface is very easy to use along with a number of powerful management functions. All of this combined with excellent marketing tools help to ensure the success of your e-commerce enterprise.


It is a breeze building your storefront here. Start out by choosing from among the 60+ professionally designed templates. Of course, these can be easily customized in order to ensure that your site is unique. If you have a bit more experience, customize by playing around with the HTML or CSS code directly; the platform easily allows for this option.

You will also be pleased to have complete control over your inventory. Include up to 10,000 products in your store (depending on the plan you choose). This may include both physical and digital goods. Rather than spending hours of your time, the software even allows for a bulk uploading of any product data.

The hosting provided is also a great addition to your store. The company includes an unlimited amount of data transfer, meaning that you do not need to worry about how much traffic is generated to your site. There is also adequate storage space for all your files and data, up to 5GB, depending on your chosen plan.

It is also nice to know that the AshopCommerce solution works with over 100 different payment gateways. This is one of the largest numbers that you will see from any e-commerce solution provider. Of course, all of the popular options are included like PayPal, which make it easy for customers to trust your site.

There are also a number of marketing features. Create email newsletters and specific displays on your site. You can even sell your products directly on your Facebook page!


It is always important to ask yourself whether there are any additional fees which need to be paid when considering an e-commerce solution provider. In the case of Ashop Commerce, there is nothing extra. This means that there are no set-up fees and no extra transaction fees of any kind. Of course, this does not eliminate the fees which might be required by your payment gateway or credit card processor, but that is another story.

There are a number of really excellent additions to the Advanced and Champion packages. These include things like having a mobile store, delivering digital goods, XML product feeds and gift certificates. Of course, the real value of each package consists in finding the one which has everything that need and most of what you want. This will depend on how many products you have and the amount of features you think will be needed. It is nice to know that everything is here when you need it!

Ultimately, you must decide which features are essential to your business site and which you can get by without. A good example might be whether to include the option to easily offer gift certificates or not. Your answer will determine which package has the most value in your situation.


Subscription Package 6-Month 1-Year 2-Year
Starter $24.95/mo. $19.95/mo. $16.95/mo.
Advanced $69.95/mo. $59.95/mo. $49.95/mo.
Champion $99.95/mo. $83.95/mo. $69.95/mo.

Best Value Package: Champion, for 2 years.

Why? Provides every feature, the most storage and product for sale.

Safety Options:

You will also appreciate a number of the safety and security features included with your site. A great example of this is giving you the option to email customers in an attempt to confirm their purchase (and identity). The aim of this, of course, is to prevent criminal and fraudulent activity.

The site itself is protected by a Secure Socket Layer server. This makes it very difficult for any of the bad guys to get inside and take any data. Furthermore, you will also be able to display security icons on your site like the small padlock. Customers have grown accustomed to seeing this on site which they use for purchases.

No customer credit card or financial data is actually stored on your site. Additionally, the data is encrypted, using the industry standard 128-bit. So, even if someone were to get in, they will still not be able to do anything with the data.

The software also includes a feature called the MaxMind Fraud Detection. Your site will include 24/7 security monitoring. If anything happens, the company will take quick action to ensure that nothing important on your site is compromised.

Customer Support & Overall Service:

AshopCommerce offers all of the traditional methods of support, plus a few more. For starters, this includes an email form which can be reached directly on the site. You will find the staff to be very responsive, answering most emails within a few hours. There is also telephone support, for more urgent and immediate questions, along with a live chat function. The staff are helpful, friendly and knowledgeable.

There are also a number of online resources. The knowledge base is very thorough and should answer most questions. There are also pages of FAQs and even a users forum.


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