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Overview: was started back in 2008 by a team of brothers who were frustrated at how difficult it was to create a website. Their original idea has now grown into an option which is one of the simplest and easiest web design and editor interfaces available on the market today. Users receive many customizable templates and their own web builder. The whole idea is that functionality can be added to a site easily by a series of widgets.


There are tons of features available through BaseKit. In fact, there is so much here that you will literally be spoiled for choice! This includes having access to a powerful web building tool, professional web hosting, mobile compatibility and even shopping cart and payment integration.

Website Design:

The best place to start when building your storefront is to choose a template. Members will have dozens of really cool looking and professional templates. Each of these can be fully customized to give it your own personal touch. You may even include your own photos, images, logos and graphics. Embed your audio and even video files. Since the web editor system is drag and drop, feel free to move everything around.

E-Commerce Hosting:

There are even several hosting packages and site plans to choose among. This is very helpful, since you can be assured that your site is 100% safe and secure. Additionally, those who choose the business package will receive a free domain. It is also possible to use a domain which you already own.

Mobile Compatibility:

Another really cool feature offered by BaseKit is the ability to have your site display properly on mobile devices. Since they use HTML5, this is done automatically. There is not even an additional charge for this service.

Shopping Cart & Payment Integration:

You will be able to include a number of Google and PayPal shopping cart functions. Your new e-commerce site supports full integration with either system. This includes adding buy and add-to-cart buttons along with the ability to accept payments.


Subscription Package 6-Month 1-Year 2-Year
Free Free Free Free
Basic $9.50/Mo. $9.50/Mo. $9.50/Mo.
Business $19.95/Mo. $19.95/Mo. $19.46/Mo.
Professional $39.95/Mo. $39.95/Mo. $39.95/Mo.

Safety Options:

When dealing with anything online these days, it is very important to ensure that you are safe. Since we are dealing with an online business, it is also quite important to make sure that your visitors and customers will remain safe as well, in order that their online shopping experience may be a pleasant one. Fortunately, Base Kit does go to great lengths to ensure that everyone is protected. To begin with, the company maintains a managed and secure network. This means that they are always monitoring network activity around the clock.

It is also important to know where your site files are actually stored. BaseKit, as is normally the case with most of the better managed networks, maintains several different physical data center locations. This also ensures that your site data and files will be housed across multiple servers.

Finally, knowing that your site integrates with a respected web company like PayPal and Google is important. This means that everything is fully compliant with all credit and payment processing standards. In fact, none of your customer financial or card information will ever be stored on your site! This ensures the safety of your customer information and that you get paid.

Customer Support & Overall Service:

BaseKit has support which responds very quickly to customer issues and requests. Sending an email is as simple as filling out a form on the site. The company aims at responding within 4 hours (this is one of the fastest in the industry). They also offer a very helpful frequently asked questions page. For an immediate answer or assistance, feel free to engage them in a live chat right on their website.

It is also nice to know that they do offer a 14 day money back guarantee. This is in addition to a free demo account option.


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