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The ecommerce software from BigCommerce will likely satisfy all your needs – whatever those may be. BigCommerce offers five plans to choose from, starting with a free trial and all the way to unlimited product listings and unlimited storage. It is loaded with features, from your own ecommerce website, through secure shopping carts, product catalogs, marketing tools and integration with eBay. The following review will list the benefits of joining over 50,000 stores already powered by BigCommerce.

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In 4 years, BigCommerce has provided ecommerce software and services to over 50,000 stores, processing 14 million transactions, across 65 countries, for a total exceeding $2 billion. By now, its services are tried, tested, and rich with features hardly matched by other software companies.


"Success Squad"

Unlimited product options

Trackable coupon codes

Design templates

Smart product rules

Rule-based promotions

65 pre-integrated gateways

Big, beautiful images

Save abandoned carts

Flexible tax system

Product and inventory management

Email marketing integration

Website Design Features:

One of the best things about BigCommerce is the fact that there are choices everywhere you look. Just take a look at designing your new ecommerce site. There are over 96 professionally designed themes to choose from. These can all be customized in any number of ways. This includes things like changing the fonts and colors, but also adding in your own HTML or CSS code. If you prefer, get help from their network of designers.

As part of design options, BigCommerce allows to upload unlimited high resolution product images that allow customers to zoom in for a closer look before buying. The images will resize automatically to fit the store layout depending on the platform used to visit the store.

Ecommerce Hosting:

BigCommerce knows how important it is for you to have your store up and running at all times. That’s why they provide all customers with powerful ecommerce hosting in every package. Their devotion to reliable hosting begins with unlimited bandwidth, which keeps you covered no matter how much traffic your website encounters. But, what’s truly impressive is their uptime average across all sites of 99.994%. That’s a number that few big-name hosting companies can boast.

BigCommerce servers have scheduled automatic back-ups multiple times a day to ensure that orders, products, photos and customer records are never lost. And, as an extra measure, they employ a dedicated security team which monitors their stores 24x7x365.

Marketing Tools:

There are a number of marketing tools which can help your online store achieve success much faster. Set your own promotions and coupons with fully customizable rules and create your own newsletters and send them out to all your customers in order to drive repeat business. Built-in SEO techniques and strategies to rank higher on Google (and other search engines) and attract even more visitors.

Payment Options:

Sixty-five payment options are included with your software. These include PayPal, echecks, credit cards and more. The integration with payment gateways makes for a very easy and secure shopping experience for your customers.


Each package offered by BigCommerce includes a free 15-day trial. With five different plans to choose from, there is something to fit every need and every budget. Best of all, you can upgrade to a larger plan any time you wish, making this incredibly convenient.

Having hosting and additional services included is also a great way that BigCommerce provides value to their members. For example, each plan also includes a shared SSL certificate which is a great way to show your customers that your site is very secure and safe to order through. The 99.99% uptime track record is also another big advantage; many other providers are not able to make this claim.

Unlike many other providers, there are no additional fees. This includes no set up fees and not even any transaction fees. The bottom line to all of this is that it means more money and more profit in your pocket at the end of the month.

Each plan also includes additional marketing help. There are Google Adwords credits which can help you get started marketing your store online. There are no contracts to sign and payments are made on a month to month basis.




Unlimited Bandwidth and Products



Most Popular



White Glove Setup

The Gold Plan is the most popular and best value option, as you can sell up to 1,000 products and have additional features which are helpful to take your site to the next level.

Safety Options:

One of the areas that you simply must not skimp on is security and safety. This is especially true where customers are concerned. Nothing could be more important than making sure that there data and financial information is safe. BigCommerce has done an amazing job in this regard.

The site uses state of the art security protocols. This includes having 128-bit SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protection. This is a means of encrypting any data that is transmitted to or from your site. In other words, even if this information was able to be captured (unlikely given the fact that SSL is tough to crack), it would still be encrypted!

There are also a number of additional protections offered to all your customers. These include hardware firewalls and denial of service protection. There is also a state of the art network intrusion detection system and complete disaster and recovery support. All of this is handled at the server level, behind the scenes. It is nice to know all of this protection is available.

Integrating your site with a payment gateway like PayPal also provides another level of security. Your customers will recognize a trusted and reliable brand.

Customer Support & Overall Service:

BigCommerce has more support options than you will likely ever use. The main site includes a full knowledgebase along with webinars and even video tutorials. If you ever need to know how to do something, chances are it is explained right there.

There are also community forums, a Facebook fan page and even marketing videos to help grow your business. Of course, there is also live chat, email and phone support. The site clearly displays all the hours and ways to get in touch with the helpful and friendly support staff.

Another excellent feature is your own success guru. Each client will receive an included coach. These professionals will help you launch, promote and grow your store. This is a big plus and something that not many other e-commerce solution providers have even thought about offering.

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