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Overview: is a company which is dedicated to helping small businesses and small business owners become successful. One of their most important goals is to make the process of building and managing a website easy and simple. They have been in business since 1997, and have helped thousands of customers develop a meaningful online presence.

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There are three different plans to choose from, each with tons of features. Every customer even has access to live, priority support. Better still, this is delivered by US-based agents.


With three plans to choose from, you are certain to find something that perfectly fits your needs. Each plan includes a number of essential features, such as web hosting, a powerful web builder (with over 4,000 ready to customize designs), custom email accounts, website activity reports and a web application library. If you already have a website, not to worry, the company also includes a free domain or transfer.

Website Design:

BuildYourSite includes a powerful web builder tool. This is as easy to use as pointing and clicking a mouse, with many applications built right in. There are also over 4,000 ready made design templates which you can choose to use as well. They can all be customized to ensure that your site is unique and exactly the way you wish.

E-Commerce Hosting:

Each of the plans offers a different amount of disk space and monthly bandwidth. The starter plan allows for up to 10 pages, the professional plan has room for 50 and the eCommerce options provides for an unlimited number of pages to be hosted.

Shopping Cart & Payment Integration:

There is shopping cart and payment integration available in the top of the line, e-commerce plan. This will allow anyone to set up their own online store and start selling right away. You will be able to accept payment through a wide variety options, including PayPal and Google Checkout. The company even includes a merchant account with this plan.


While all of these plans do include an initial set up fee, this can normal be waived when purchasing a full year in advance. This is definitely a great option, since it also carries an additional 15% across the board discount with it. These discounts and savings are not available if you decide to pay month to month. Since there are no contracts and canceling is an easy and painless process, why not?

When choosing an e-commerce or website building plan the most important thing to keep in mind is value. This is more than just price. You want to also remember to factor in all of the features and services which are offered. For example, someone new to the world of running and managing their new website might be more interested in knowing that Build Your Site includes live, priority support with 100% USA based representatives. Knowing that you are receiving a quality service with tons of features might also be enough to convince you of the value offered here. Additionally, knowing that there is plan to fit every need should also be comforting.















Best Value Package: E-Commerce, for 1 or 2 years.

Why? Largest amount of features and prices below what many other full service hosts would charge.

Safety Options:

Everyone seems to be more and more concerned about safety these days. Your website is certainly one of the most important things to protect. It is an actual business asset which needs to be protected and defended. Fortunately, Build Your Site offers many safety features to help you rest easy.

For starters, the company will actually manage your site, since it is running on their servers. This means that your files are physically stored on their computers. They include spam and virus filtering and have implemented 24 hour monitoring and defense mechanisms to keep your site safe and free from hackers and fraudsters. Their data centers are a testament to high tech, with the servers running in controlled and closely monitored environments, using state of the art equipment.

Also, the use of outside payment processors, such as PayPal and Google Checkout, helps increase the safety and security of your site. Each of these providers has a number of additional security features, many of which have been recommended by credit card companies directly. This means that your customer’s sensitive data will not be stored on your site at all. Rest easy knowing that you are totally protected with

Customer Support & Overall Service:

The company proudly displays a toll free number which anyone may call to receive support or help. Once you are customer, however, there is a ‘members only’ phone number which gives you access to priority support. They also have an email form which may be completed on the site and even a help desk ticket based system, handled on a first come, first served basis. Other support options include a frequently asked questions page and even really helpful video tutorials which cover almost every aspect of setting up, building and running a website.

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