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3D Cart is a top e-commerce solution provider. Having been around for 10+ years, they are already ranked in the Inc 5000 (number 745). With over 10,000 customers already, this company must be doing something right!

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You will simply love all the easy to use features and tools included with your site. These include a very nice and simple drag and drop design editor, tools to manage your entire business and being compatible with over 50 different payment gateways.


The first place to start with any new website is the design. The tools provided by 3D Cart make this process a breeze. If you do not have much web design experience, you may start by choosing one of the 50+ design templates. Each is fully customizable so that you can change the colors, fonts, and more. Best of all, it uses a very easy drag and drop editor.

Every e-commerce plan also includes hosting. This is actually very high quality hosting with a lot of different features. For example, each site includes a 99.9% up-time guarantee to ensure that your customers will be able to find you online. You also get daily data backups to protect yourself in case of an emergency (you could never lose more than one day of data and information). This hosting also comes with a number of first class security features.

The shopping cart provided by 3DCart is also very nice and easy to both use and manage. For starters, you will find that the entire system is able to integrate with over 50 different payment gateways. This offers many options for how you wish to process payments, including popular options such as PayPal, Google Checkout and Authorize.net. Your customers will also be pleased to sort (and buy) products by category, price, etc...

There are even a number of marketing tools. Create coupons, gift cards and specials. Built in SEO tools also help you get noticed in the search engine rankings.


When considering the value offered by an e-commerce solution provider, it is important to consider everything that is offered. With 3D Cart you receive a number of excellent tools which have the ability to take your business to the next level.

Many times, just being able to build and manage your own site is a huge challenge. 3D Cart removes this challenge with an easy to use drag and drop site builder plus already pre-designed templates.

It is also vitally important to consider how integrated your e-commerce solution is. Here, you have the ability to choose from among 50+ different payment gateways. Additionally, you can integrate your order process with a number of shipping services (FedEx, UPS and USPS) and even other programs such as QuickBooks.

Also take a look at what each individual plan offers. There should be enough options so that you can enter at a level where you feel comfortable. Many places try to push everyone into the largest plan before they are ready. Here, there are five different plans to choose from; each has different levels of storage space and will support a different number of sales items.



















Power Plan




Best Value Package: Gold, for 1-year (unless you already have a large business, in which case the Professional+ would be the best value).

Why? Allows up to 1,000 products and provides all the tools and features needed to get your store up and running effectively.

Safety Options:

The hosting of your e-commerce site(s) with 3D Cart is very secure. To start with, the system uses the industry standard 128-bit SSL encryption. None of your customer information is ever stored on your site, making it incredibly difficult for any hackers to get at this, not to mention breaking the code.

The entire site is also fully PCI and CSIP compliant. This is one of the highest levels of security that is recommended by credit card issuers. The system also includes a strong firewall which has been implemented on the server side. There is also a system of intrusion detection to make sure that no unauthorized person is ever able to access the site. Best of all, this all runs in the background, managed by the professionals at 3DCart.

Your site will also be housed on some of the most advanced computing equipment available. The data center is also secured and protected from any intrusion or unauthorized entry. Each site undergoes a daily backup and specific plans also provide for a regular McAfee security scan and checks.

Combined with the use of trusted names like PayPal and Google Checkout, customers will happily order from your site.

Customer Support & Overall Service:

3D Cart is actually one of the few e-commerce service providers to offer live chat as part of their support. The website also offers a number of additional helps like video tutorials and FAQs. All of these options should basically show you how to do anything that you might have a question regarding, even technical issues.

You are also free to contact the support team via email or phone. They strive to answer email questions as soon as possible; you should have an answer within an hour or so. The staff is very friendly and knowledgeable.

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