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One of the biggest pluses about the Go Daddy Quick Shopping Cart is that it is incredibly user friendly. It is easy to set up and there are excellent security options provided. Best of all, the prices are very affordable and give you a lot of options for creating exactly what you want.

There are literally over 1500 design combinations to choose from. This gives you a ton of flexibility and control. Additionally, there are no transaction fees.


While there are many different features and tools included with the Go Daddy Quick Shopping Cart, it basically all boils down to choosing your design, adding and organizing your products and then start selling.

The first step to using this easy shopping cart is deciding on your design. There are over 1500 design and color combinations to pick from. These include 14 category page styles and 11 product detail pages. Play around until you find the perfect matches for the layout of your site. You can even add your own logo and other images and even navigation elements.

Adding products should be done carefully. You have the option to specify category and sub-categories along with other product details like description, SKU numbers, pricing and much more. You can also create featured products, sale prices, coupons and even up-sells and cross-sells. Establish your shipping, tax and payment options and you are good to go!

You will have the option to preview your store before publishing and going live. Once you are satisfied, you will also have a number of back office tools to help. There are a ton of reports that enable you to view and track orders, revenue and even the performance of your site. The ability to accept credit cards is already integrated through PayPal Express Checkout. There is also an easy to use customer checkout (and also registration).

In short, everything is here to make it easy for both you as an ecommerce store owner and your customers.


One of the things to remember when comparing the value of any type of e-commerce provider is to always consider the transaction fees which are charged. In the case of GoDaddy, there are no transaction fees. Not only that, but there are no set-up fees, either. Each plan also comes with free hosting along with a 99.9% network up-time guarantee. You also have the ability to add your products to eBay and Google Products searches, which can help potential customers find your items much more easily.

This service also includes a number of additional free credits. This includes advertising credits good for Google and Bing / Yahoo search networks. This is another big help in getting customers to find your site more easily. There are also Facebook advertising and Fotolia credits for anyone who opens and account.

There is also a service called Site Scanner available. This is a top of the line security product. It scans your site regularly and notifies you of any potential weaknesses that hackers might be able to exploit. It then gives suggestions on how to fix them.

Subscription Package 6-Month 1-Year 2-Year
Economy $9.99/mo. $9.49/mo. $8.99/mo.
Business $29.99/mo. $28.49/mo. $26.99/mo.
Platinum $49.99/mo. $47.49/mo. $44.99/mo.

Best Value Package: Deluxe package, 2-years or more

Why? The most popular plus it gives an incredible amount of extra tools and services.

Safety Options:

One of the best safety measures is that since you are able to integrate with the PayPal tools, you will basically be taking orders through their network. This gives you the benefit of a world recognized and trusted brand that stands behind your ecommerce store.

Another excellent security feature is the SSL. Also known as Secure Socket Layer, this is essentially an encryption method. It ensures that private information sent through your site is not able to be accessed by unauthorized visitors or hackers. It is one of the most secure methods available today. Additionally, all customer credit card purchases are transmitted using this encrypted data. This makes it almost impossible to hack. All credit card orders also use the PCI DSS system which Visa and Mastercard recommend in order to ensure totally safe ordering.

The servers used by Go Daddy are themselves state of the art. They are physically located and held in very secure data centers that are protected from any intrusion. The company itself also goes to great pains to ensure that regular backups and restores are performed. This means that all of your site information is held and never lost or destroyed.

Customer Support & Overall Service:

We are all aware of the fantastic support offered by Go Daddy to their customers. Sales and support staff are available 24/7 and can be reached through a number of methods. You can call over the phone, which usually has a very short wait period. If you prefer, send an email. Your response will normally take just a few hours and it will be handled by a knowledgeable and friendly staff member. There is even a Quick Shopping Cart group that provides support and help.


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