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A member of the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating, and in business for more than fifteen years, Go E-Merchant has been there, done that, and a whole lot more. Offering a comprehensive menu of payment gateways, shopping carts, QuickBooks plugins, merchant accounts, virtual terminals, credit card terminals, and even mobile payment solutions, this company offers exceptional technology, outstanding customer service, and the best in technical support.

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Shopping Carts - If you want to sell anything at all online, you need a great shopping cart. With Go E-Merchant, you can build an entire store, customize its design, and use your own domain name; in addition, you can grow your business by allowing customers to use their credit cards when shopping online with you. Fully integrated payment gateways are available, and they're quick and easy to setup - within as little as a few hours, your business will be capable of receiving whatever type of payment your customers want to use. A fifteen day free trial ensures you're satisfied with the service before ever paying a cent.

Credit Card Terminals - If you've got a brick and mortar store, or if you are working from home or another remote location and would like to accept credit card payments, Go-E Merchant carries them! In addition, the company offers unique payment structures tailored to suit your specific needs. They guarantee cost savings and offer low equipment and startup prices for businesses small and large alike.

Gateway Packages - If you need a reliable internet payment gateway, look no further than Go E-Merchant. Affordable and offering the capacity for your site to accept credit cards in real time, this package of merchant services connects your existing site and shopping cart software to create a seamless, completely hassle-free way for online customers to pay for goods and services. SSL technology keeps all transactions safe and worry-free.

These are just some of the features you'll find at Go-E Merchant - the odds are very good that no matter what your needs, this company will be able to satisfy them.


While it can be nearly impossible to find pricing information on some websites offering similar services, Go E-Merchant offers up-front prices that are both reasonable and easy to find. Packages are geared toward the amount of traffic your site receives, with a super low starting price of just $19.95 for sites receiving low traffic; for those experiencing heavy traffic and making loads of sales, prices are equally affordable, at only $129 USD.

Interestingly, one of the most appealing things about the value structure Go-E Merchant offers is that there are loads of extras thrown into the bargain at no additional charge. Whether your site is seeing 4,000 customers or 90,000 customers, and whether you've got 100 products or thousands, you get free templates, social media tools, an auto responder, and more. Live chat, enhanced stats, a QB plugin, and ROI tracking are added for sites experiencing high to very high traffic.


Very Low Traffic




Medium Traffic




Very High Traffic




Best of all, there are no fees for setup and no transaction fees for these basic levels, or for intermediate traffic levels not shown. Unlimited phone support is included at every level.

Safety Options

As a leader in credit card acceptance solutions for more than fifteen years, it only stands to reason that Go E-Merchant is concerned about your safety and security, as well as with the safety and security of their customers. Not only is their website secure, your site's payment areas will be protected as well. Go E-Merchant uses McAfee as well as current and consistently updated versions of Zen Cart and OS Commerce. In addition, you and your customers will be protected via current credit card corporation, bank, and PayPal transaction security measures, ensuring a completely safe and simple shopping experience.

As with many of the other features you'll find at Go E-Merchant, safety options are completely free, and they're a standard part of every transaction.

Customer Support & Overall Service

At Go E-Merchant, you get outstanding customer service from the moment you first visit the site. Overall, the site is well-laid out with everything right at your fingertips, including an easy to find customer service button. You've got the option of emailing customer service or calling a customer service rep via phone.

Product training videos, a comprehensive FAQ section, and loads of customer education material are available on the site - if you have a question, you can count on having it answered quickly and with ease.

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