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One of the most difficult things about creating your own e-commerce site has always been just that: actually getting it created! With HostPapa, all the hard work is already done. They offer everything you need to run a complete e-commerce site in a single, integrated package. It is also flexible enough to work in whatever way you wish. This means that you could even transfer an existing domain name. Set up your site using WordPress, Blogger or a number of other platforms.

Website Design Features:

Designing and creating your site is an absolute breeze through the Host Papa platform. You are directed to simply choose a layout that you like. From there, it is easy to edit and customize that layout, injecting your own unique style and story. All the text can be edited, and it is possible to work with just about any type of content management system, such as Drupal Joomla, WordPress, etc... It is also possible to work with almost any HTML site builder you prefer, like DreamWeaver or FrontPage.

E-commerce Hosting:

Of course, simply building the site is not enough; it needs a place to live and room to grow. Fortunately, the three plans offered through HostPapa are all unique in that they each allow for an unlimited number of products to be carried, unlimited amount of storage space, bandwidth and even email accounts. The only perceptible difference in these plans is that the price depends upon the amount of monthly sales volume.

Shopping Cart & Payment Integration:

Your new website will come with Cashie Commerce software already included. This also means that you will have the ability to accept PayPal and credit card orders. This integration is a very vital part of achieving success with your own e-commerce enterprise. This system is also quite versatile; you may sell downloadable items (i.e. digital items) in addition to physical goods and even services.

Marketing Tools:

Get off on the right foot with advertising credits. These are valid for Adwords, Facebook and Amazon.


Considering everything you get with your new e-commerce site from HostPapa when compared to what you actually pay, we think that you cannot help to see a tremendous value. For starters, just the free advertising credits are worth more than several months worth of the service itself. Even with the highest level hosting plan, your $225 worth of credits would more than cover the cost of 4 months of service!

Going further, the services offered are really top notch. Not many other e-commerce solutions will allow you the ability to add an unlimited number of products and SKU's. In fact, you also receive an unlimited amount of storage space and even bandwidth. These are features which would normally add significantly to the cost. Also consider the fact that there are no additional fees such as set up or service fees. It is helpful to know that you will not be bombarded with a number of come-ons for other services which are not really needed (too many other cheap hosting and site builder services have resorted to these tactics).


Subscription Package 6-Month 1-Year 2-Year
Starter $11.95/Mo. $9.95/Mo. $9.95/Mo.
Starter $35.99/Mo. $30.60/Mo. $30.60/Mo.
Advanced $24.95/Mo. $19.95/Mo. $19.95/Mo.
Ultimate $59.95/Mo. $49.95/Mo. $49.95/Mo.

Safety Options:

Obviously, another important consideration when choosing an e-commerce website solution is safety and protection. This extends not only to your and your site, but also your customers.

To begin with, all of the customer data is very well protected. This is especially true if you decide to use a payment service such as PayPal. In this cases, there is not even any customer financial data stored on your site. Also, the merchant billing system is set up to protect everyone involved.

Your site itself is housed on a very secure network. HostPapa goes to great lengths to make sure of this. All of your information and files are physically saved and stored on a number of different servers. Furthermore, these servers are located in different data centers. Finally, there are a number of high tech pieces of equipment to defend against any outside hacks or intrusions. All of these systems are managed in real-time, 24/7.

Not only does all of this assure that your site is running and accessible, but it ensures the safety of everyone involved. The client is protected against fraud and you are protected from any type of data loss.

Customer Support & Overall Service:

It is incredibly easy to get in contact with support staff or to receive service at Host Papa. They offer all of the traditional means of support, starting with a very accessible email form. If this is not enough, consider opening a ticket. You can expect a speedy reply, normally within a few hours. Better still, give them a call on their toll free support line. If you do not even want to leave the computer, then start a live chat online. The site itself also has a very helpful knowledge base and even a number of video tutorials going over all of the major topics.


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