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Those of you searching for an easy to use e-commerce software solution: Network Solutions is for you! With their exceptional customer service and the ability to add an unlimited number of products to your online store, it's no wonder that they provide solutions for an extraordinary amount of businesses.

The core philosophy of the company is to provide a one-stop solution. Integrate the shopping cart with all of your marketing tools to help improve your online success.


Building your shopping cart is pretty straight forward. There are over 50 premium store templates to begin with. Even the basic Plus package offers a number of free store templates to choose from. These can all be fully customized. For more experienced web designers, you can use HTML, CSS or even Javascript to customize any of these templates.

The basic package allows users to add up to 500 products in their online store. While this is certainly not a bad place to start, each of the other two plans allows for an unlimited number of items to be sold. This includes both physical and digital or downloadable items. We also think that you will appreciate being able to upload your products in bulk, track your inventory and also view a number of different reports to help with various management and control functions.

When considering an e-commerce solution, one of the biggest concerns is the shopping cart and payment integration provided. Network Solutions certainly does not disappoint in this area, either. In fact, your new shopping cart will easily integrate with a wide variety of credit card processing companies. This includes actual merchant accounts and their payment gateways, or other providers such as PayPal. Your merchant will also help provide additional fraud protection tools.

There are even back office marketing tools. You can create coupons and product promotions rather easily. Up-sell and cross-sell products with a few clicks of the mouse and even add in affiliate programs and social media connectivity.


Another very important consideration regarding an e-commerce provider is the fees and costs which are involved.

These plans also allow a number of features which can really help your customer have an excellent buying experience on your site. The ability to compare different products side by side is very nice. You will also have the ability to create up-sells and cross-sells. These can be designed to target specific products, so that when a customer buys something, they will then be given the opportunity to purchase additional items which may be similar or related. This can be a great way to increase your profit through additional sales to customers who are proven buyers.


Subscription Package 6-Month 1-Year 2-Year
Starter Plan $29.95/Mo. $22.45/Mo. $22.45/Mo.
Standard Plan $56.19/Mo. $41.58/Mo. $41.58/Mo.
Premium Plan $115.95/Mo. $83.25/Mo. $83.25/Mo.

Best Value Package: The Premium Plan for either 1 or 2 years.

Why? Huge amount of features, plus a fairly large discount over the monthly rate.

Safety Options:

Making sure that your site and customer transactions are secure is one of the most important features that any online seller needs to worry about. Here at Network Solutions, you can be sure that your store is respected by customers. To begin with, your store is provided a secure SSL server for all customer transactions. This also allows you to display the https: address in the browser, a recognized sign of safety and security.

Your customers are also required to enter the CVV data of their credit card. This is the three number code printed on the back of each credit card. This ensures that they actually have the physical card; their transaction will not be approved without adding this information.

Rest assured that your site is also considered safe by the major credit card companies. You will be in full compliance with the Visa Certified Cardholder Information Security Program. Additionally, all PCI data standards are met. This includes using secure 128-bit data encryption. This fights against hackers and other unauthorized intrusions into your site. No customer transaction data is ever stored on your site as an extra precaution.

Customer Support & Overall Service:

The customer support options offered through the site are many. Start by using a toll-free telephone number, along with very clear and visible support hours. In fact, the site lists the support hours in several different international time zones, making it easy to comprehend wherever you are.

There is also an online training site. This uses a number of different videos to provide hands-on help and guidance. Of course, you may also send an email to ask any question you like. Response times are fairly quick, averaging just a few hours (sometimes less during normal business hours).


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