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Ever heard stories about incredible sales made on eBay? Now that I've got your attention, you should know that Pro Stores is an eBay company. Offering a superbly robust platform and an astoundingly simple yet beautifully designed interface, Pro Stores offers storefronts with intriguing capabilities. Transform your Facebook page into a stunning showcase and use it to drive sales; enjoy complete mobility with outstanding mobile phone capability, and much, much more.


Whether your passion lies in sharing authentic nesting dolls from Russia with customers from around the world, or if you sell pet products designed for cat lovers only, you are going to love Pro Stores. While there are too many features to adequately describe here, this quick sampling will give you a tantalizing taste of what's in store for your e-commerce future, should you decide to go the Pro Stores route.

Three levels of Pro - There are three distinct levels associated with Pro Stores; ProStores itself is designed for small merchants and sole proprietors; these stores allow for the setup, promotion, and management of a complete yet affordable online storefront. Magento is for enterprising small merchants, offering turnkey service for building online stores, and Magento Enterprise is designed for medium to large business merchants; it can be scaled to handle the largest stores. Don't worry - eBay will help you determine which level is right for your business by administering a quick 5 question quiz.

Once you're ready to open your store, you'll have the option of incorporating add-ons, plus you will have the opportunity to select a service provider. All of this takes a surprisingly short amount of time. Once your business grows and you're ready to upgrade, you can do so without losing any of your valuable information.


As you might expect of an eBay company, Pro Stores offers good value. There is a one month free trial offer for new merchants opening an eCommerce solutions account with ProStores for the first time; this allows for an entire month of full service and enables merchants to determine whether Pro Stores is the right choice.

Once you sign up for paid service, you are never obligated to sign a long term contract, and you may cancel for any reason, at any time you wish. There is no general setup fee associated with Pro Stores, however there are two fees which are charged once the one month trial period has passed. These fees include a monthly subscription fee and a monthly successful transaction fee which is calculated as a certain percentage of the sales price of the items you sold. To make this simpler for those just starting out in e-commerce, fees are not due until the month after the transactions took place.

Subscription fees vary by Pro Stores tier subscription level; they begin at $29.95, and end at $99.95. Not bad! As for the successful transaction fee, it's a simple 50 cents per $100 worth of merchandise sold in your store. So, if you make $1,000 in sales, you owe Pro Stores a grand total of five bucks, on top of your monthly fee. Specialty Pro Stores fees are extra, and are charged a la carte.

Subscription Package Monthly Fee Successful Transaction Fee
Economy - Up to 250 Products $29.95 50 cents per $100 sold
Deluxe - Up to 5,000 products $49.95 50 cents per $100 sold
Executive - Up to 100,000 products $99.95 50 cents per $100 sold

There are intermediate tiers between each of these shown; as you can see, the more you sell, the less you'll pay in monthly fees. Value? Outstanding!

Safety Options

eBay is king when it comes to online shopping safety for sellers and buyers alike. Pro Stores follows in eBay's footsteps where safety is concerned; privacy is always protected, internet security tools are consistently up to date and of top quality, and information collected is never misused.

Pro Stores does intentionally collect user information; however, this allows the company to easily verify that buyers and sellers are who they claim to be, plus it aids Pro Stores in providing users with an exceptional experience tailored to meet their needs. Safe online experiences are fun online experiences - with Pro Stores, you'll enjoy a sense of relaxation, secure in the knowledge that all of your personal and financial information is as safe as it possibly can be.

Customer Support and Overall Service

Customer support is always available once you become an eBay Pro Stores member; if you want to talk to customer support before becoming a member, you can call the toll-free number on the company's website at any time during business hours, or you can send a quick note to customer support.

Overall, the service Pro Stores offers is outstanding. With great value, a super smooth interface, and functionality that's hard to top, eBay Pro Stores is an excellent choice for anyone in need of a complete ecommerce solution.


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