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A fun and easy to use site designed to make e-commerce work better, Shopping Cart Elite provides users with online store fronts and online back offices - in short, everything you need to make your online business more productive. It's more than just a shopping cart - it is a full business suite containing software products to meet the needs of startups, entrepreneurs, large businesses, and everyone in between. Best of all, it operates in the Cloud - that means global update functionality you can depend on, no matter where you're located.


Superbly integrated features make Shopping Cart Elite stand out from the crowd. Before we start talking about what this company has to offer, keep in mind that everything is scalable - so if something seems to be too simplistic or even too complicated for your particular needs, you'll find that tailoring options to suit your requirements is simple. This being said, let's get started.

Shopping Cart Elite uses intelligent software modules targeted for manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers of all sizes; all applications are desktop to web, meaning they are very simple for end users to utilize.

Updates and Upgrades are implemented monthly. These take place automatically, ensuring you can keep on doing what you need to do to keep your business running, while Shopping Cart Elite ensures your e-commerce programming is completely up to date.

Push Technology enables you to enjoy an even simpler experience; this automates the sale of your products on eBay, Amazon, Google Base, and other platforms.

Shopping Cart Elite also features a full line of SEO tools, modules, and proprietary algorithms no other shopping cart website offers; in addition, it offers a feature called Competition Spy, which keeps track of your competitors' prices and adjusts your sale prices accordingly, if desired.

These many innovative tools are just the tip of the iceberg; shopping cart integration, visitor generated SEO, a Keyword Rank Monitor, Article Marketing, and many other tools make this the Swiss Army knife of shopping cart programs!


In the past, shopping cart programs that contained everything you needed to build a successful e-commerce website from the bottom up required thousands of dollars in hardware and software investment. Today, you can find cheap solutions - but if you've ever tried one of these (normally based only on price), you probably know how hard it can be to make a startup work. You might have also tried buying into third party plugins, only to find that the costs in labor and tools ultimately overshadowed the profitability of your business. Shopping Cart Elite is unlike anything you've ever tried before - basically, it allows you to completely automate your site, unlike inferior shopping cart programs do.

You might expect all this to cost a bundle; in fact, the folks at Shopping Cart Elite have done the comparison shopping for you. A complete menu of shopping cart plugins from the leading competition costs $6,092 per month. Get the full menu from Shopping Cart Elite, and you spend less than 10% of that - $615 per month. A la carte options are available for smaller businesses, starting at just $50 per month.

Subscription Package Competitor Shopping Cart Elite Savings
Frontend Shopping Cart $300/mo $50/mo $250/mo
Cloud Hosting $300/mo $50/mo $250/mo
Hosted Search $2,500/mo $149/mo $2,351/mo

These are just a few examples; visit the site to see more ways you can save on everything from hosted SEO tools to employee monitoring. A free trial is available, so you can easily decide whether Shopping Cart Elite works for you before making an investment.

Safety Options

As safety features go, Shopping Cart Elite goes above and beyond to ensure your private information is kept completely secure. Using a blend of physical and virtual security measures, this company safeguards e-commerce businesses in a number of ways.

It all begins at the site's physical location in Weehawken, New Jersey. There, you'll find 24/7 armed security, 200 tons of cooling equipment, more than 12,000 square feet of data center raised floor space, and fully redundant power systems equipped with generators that store 24 hours-worth of backup fuel onsite. Strictly controlled access and closed-circuit television monitoring, proximity card readers, crash-proof gates, and temperature and humidity controls make Shopping Cart Elite's flagship location akin to the internet's version of Fort Knox.

Virtual firewalls are installed on all Shopping Cart Elite hosted websites, and an integrated hardware multi-layer firewall protects the Cloud infrastructure. Web application protection includes constant monitoring for sophisticated bots and hackers, with any suspicious activity being blocked automatically. Full racks are monitored by on-site IT professionals 24 hours / day, 365 days / year, and offsite monitoring is provided by companies including Pingdom and Alertsite.

Finally, you have the option of dedicated SSL or shared SSL for your site, and Shopping Cart Elite uses anti-hijacking technology to ensure your site's URL is not susceptible to hijacking.

Customer Support & Overall Service

No matter where you are on the site, you can easily access customer support via online chat - you'll find not one, but two easy to access buttons for chat on all screens. There is also a 1-800 telephone number you can call to reach customer support via phone, and if your question is not a pressing one, you've got the option of reaching customer service reps via email. Shopping Cart Elite also offers webinars - just provide your contact information and you'll be sent an invitation so you can have your questions answered in person while benefiting from questions others ask that you might not have thought of.

Timely, innovative, and super-secure, not to mention cost-effective - Shopping Cart Elite offers outstanding customer service and a whole lot more.


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