Snap: Ecommerce Builders Sites Review


As the company's name suggests, Snap Websites lets you create your own website in a flash. Offering ready-made sites suitable for all imaginable needs, this company also offers web hosting and website maintenance with daily backups, plus an integrated social media manager that supports Twitter, Facebook, and RSS feeds straight out of the starting gate. If you like the idea of being in the drivers' seat where your website is concerned, then Snap Websites is definitely worth a closer look.


Snap Websites is a great choice for beginners wishing to build their own websites. To begin with, the choices available are easy. There are several tasteful templates to choose from, which act as the background for your site's home page. Some are more formal looking, while others offer a sense of fun.

Snap Websites work from anywhere in the world and can be accessed using all the most popular search engines, including FireFox, Google Chrome, Safari, and Internet Explorer. When you travel, you can update your site from any location; all you need is an internet connection.

Using Snap Websites is simple, thanks to the help of a user-friendly toolbar bearing large icons, tabs with like items grouped together, and easy to find buttons that let you reposition or even hide the bar. This toolbar provides you with quick access to the features you use most.

While Snap is simple and user friendly, its' developers did not forget about the importance of SEO. With Snap Websites, you'll get a set of tips that help you remember what to include as you create blog posts and other web content.

Once you get started, you can enjoy a free 30 day trial to ensure you like what you're getting before you plunk down your hard earned cash.


As mentioned, you get to enjoy a 30 day trial free of charge when you sign up for Snap Websites service. This in itself is a great value - particularly as many high end web design companies do not provide any trial period whatsoever. You can create a website with confidence and give it a thorough test before paying a dime.

Once you decide you like what Snap Websites has to offer, your fees will begin at a rate as low as just $19.99 per month - remember, this price includes daily backups. Not weekly, not monthly - daily. This protection, which is powered by MO Backup, is definitely an aspect which adds value. You've spent your valuable time creating a website, blog, or commerce site; now, protecting it is super simple.

Safety Options

We already covered the daily backups Snap Websites provides. Additional safety and security is offered by GoDaddy; Snap Websites is secured with its own web server security certificate. All transactions that take place on the site are protected with Secure Sockets Layer encryption up to 256 bits.

When you sign up with Snap Websites, you will be provided with the opportunity to secure your site or sites with passwords; or to secure only portions of your sites with passwords. Password protection is simple protection, but it is protection nonetheless - be sure to keep your passwords in a safe place and keep your computer clean to prevent unauthorized users from gaining access to your Snap Website.

Customer Support and Overall Service

You can easily contact customer support at Snap Websites by contacting them via their online contact form, or calling them directly at their Orangevale, California office. In addition, there is a very useful blog available on the site, which contains a number of tips for making your site work better for you. Links to partner sites are available, ensuring you get the opportunity to learn as much as you want about how your new website can be put to work for you.

Finally, Snap Websites has a robust FAQ section which explains, in detail, how to fix simple problems without the help of a pro. Not only do you learn how to make your website more functional here, you also get the opportunity to learn, as common issues are explained in depth.

Overall service is good - just remember, Snap Websites is a place where simplicity reigns supreme. If you want a nice looking site you'll be proud to call your own, the price is right at Snap Websites.


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