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Volusion offers businesses an all-in-one e-commerce solution that is one of the best in the business. In 2015, Volusion began simplifying its plans and pricing, offering its ecommerce services to stores of all sizes. Volusion's 4 plans (instead of the previous 5 plans), all include unlimited storage and no transaction fees, are competitively priced and promise excellent results.

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There is a large selection of tools, services and features offered. This includes a number of website design tools and hosting options. It is one of the easiest e-commerce solutions to use as well as one of the most versatile.

Website Design Features:

There are dozens of design templates to choose from. These are all fully customizable and allow you the option to insert your own HTML code (for advanced users). The design wizard is there to walk you through every step of the creation process and make sure that you do not miss anything.

You will also have the ability to add any type and amount of additional content to your site. This includes articles, products and categories. Create captions, titles, content sections and much more.

There is a wide range of additional features which will help you build your business quickly. Each plan is fully mobile compatible. This will allow your customers the ability to browse your site and place orders from their mobile phones. You will also receive a full range of social media tools and even your own Facebook store. Some of the plans allow for eBay integration and the ability to develop your applications through API access.

Volusion also offers SEO optimization tools. This is designed to make sure that all areas of your site are optimized for search engines, allowing customers to find your site more easily.

Ecommerce Hosting

The hosting is also second to none, with 4 plans to choose from. This offers customization that most other ecommerce site builders don’t provide. Choose to include the features that you really need, so you’re paying for the product that you really want. Volusion’s various plans allow for monthly bandwidth and data transfer of up to 20GB, along with an unlimited number of products (if you choose the top plan). There are no additional set-up or transaction fees. Unlike many other solution providers, you will not pay anything extra.

Should your online store need even more power than their largest hosting plan, contact their customer support and ask them about their enterprise plan. The Volusion enterprise plan is trusted by numerous large, well-known companies including Motorola, National Geographic and the Chicago Tribune.


For the prices offered, you will find Volusion to be the best value within its category. The fact that there are 4 different packages to choose from means there really is something for everyone here. Whether you have a small store and plan to grow with time, or you envision your business needing 5,000 product listings (or more), there is a plan tailored made for your needs.

It is also very important to look at all you get for your money. Not many other plans would offer you a free Facebook store or a mobile ready e-commerce site, even in their most basic package! Add to this the fact that there are absolutely no transaction fees or set-up fees of any kind and it easy to see why Volusion is such a winner.

No matter which plan you choose, it will be incredibly easy to use your new site. This includes a number of tools to help manage inventory. Whenever you are running low on something, the site will send you a report or email notification about it! Also, the company itself is focused on always having the best product and is continually updating and making improvements to their offerings.




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Dedicated Account Manager

Volusion's Pro Plan is both the most popular plan and provides customers with the best value. With the Pro Plan you enjoy everything the basic plans provide (unlimited storage, no transaction fees, etc.) as well as everything the Premium Plan provides, save for a dedicated account manager. For $75 per month, you enjoy API access and CRM, Amazon and eBay integration, Deal of the Day promotions set-up, and priority support (although, as mentioned, not a dedicated account manager). Volusion has both simplified its Plans options and designed the Pro Plan at a fair – and valuable – price.

Safety Options:

One of the great things about working with a trusted partner is that they know exactly what you need. Volusion knows exactly what it takes to keep your site safe for you and your customers. There is an integrated IP-blocking security feature included. This means that if you notice anything you do not like, that person can be banned or blocked from accessing your site. This service is only offered by the very best e-commerce providers.

Every page on your site will have SSL (Secure Socket Layer) data encryption. This prevents hackers from tampering with your site and its data. All customer credit card data is also handled securely using this same secure data encryption. Nothing is ever stored on your site, making it doubly safe. Each transaction you process uses PCI and CSIP fraud protection and detection methods.

There are a number of additional safety and security features offered by the company. For example, there are multiple administrator log-ins along with the ability to determine which sections of the site are accessible (and to whom). There are members-only capabilities, automatic crash protection and fraud score feature (to help identify types of behaviors associated with fraudulent orders).

Customer Support & Overall Service:

The customer support offered by Volusion represents yet another strength. For starters, there is an extensive FAQ section, product manuals and even a number of video tutorials available on the site.

24 hour live support is also offered. You can access this through the phone (toll-free), email or even live chat. All of these options will connect you to an experienced, friendly and very knowledgeable member of their support staff. The emails are usually answered very quickly, by real people. With some of the plans, you may even qualify for priority customer support, which provides even speedier service.

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