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Choose from one of more than 1,000 designs, customize it to suit your purposes, and put it up on the net for the world to see - sounds great, doesn't it? Websites Now has made its mission making e-commerce easy for all; plus, they offer a free ten day trial so you can be sure you're making the right decision when you design and host your website with them. In a matter of just a few minutes and at a cost of under one dollar per day, this company makes running your own website simple.



Designed for the tech-savvy and not so tech savvy, Websites Now has loads of features that would cost you a bundle if you had a world-class web designer build them into your site for you. First, you get a blog with your site, which make it easy to inform and update your visitors; blogging software is automatically updated to prevent hacking.

With your web page, you get 10 text and image layouts; you can change them any time you feel the need to. You can add as many as 500 extra pages, at an outrageously low price of $1 per 50 pages.

You can also add links pages, photo albums that come with space for 500 photos (it costs a dollar per 100 photos after that), and multimedia, including music, flash, video, and other files.

Contacts pages and guest books, message boards, custom feedback forms, quotes pages, polling booths, press releases, and even shopping carts are included; FAQ pages, autoresponder pages, articles, coupons, and even a map link come with every order.

Catalog layouts that let you sell your products directly from your site are available with every page, as is credit card and PayPal processing. All carts are VeriSign Secure Certified, and your cart will display the VeriSign logo when customers go to checkout. This alone is worth $500, as you do not have to buy your own security certificate!

Last, but not least, you get a free 90 day marketing trial of Submitnet Search Engine Optimization - a huge value in itself.


Needless to say, you get great value from Websites Now, particularly if you are a small business or individual - you're the customer this company has in mind. If you are a larger corporation, you'll pay low fees just like everyone else, but you may need to invest more man hours into designing and maintaining your website; plus, depending on your needs, you will probably want to invest in the site's upgrade (at $499 for professional web design assistance, it's still a bargain!

Whatever your needs, it is pretty hard to beat a service that is this affordable, particularly if cost savings are at the forefront for you. The fee structure is simple:

Everything you'll read about on the company's website is included in the monthly fee. There are no hidden costs associated with Websites Now. First, there are no setup fees, and there are no hidden transaction fees. There is a generous thirty day money back guarantee, which you probably won't need, thanks to the equally generous ten day free trial period. The monthly cost for service is $29.95; you can save more by paying in advance. If you pay quarterly you'll save $5 per month, and if you pay once a year, you'll save $10 per month.











Cost is really where this company stands out from the competition, and the fact you can upgrade to a professional look ultimately adds value. If you want to create a great website that can grow along with you, Websites Now is just about impossible to beat.

Safety Options

Websites Now offers robust safety features and constant updating so that your site is protected from hackers and other intruders. You can choose to have your entire site password protected; or, you might want to password protect only a few pages - it's up to you and protection is included in the price of the service.

Shopping carts, which are also included, are secured by VeriSign, a leader in e-commerce security. You can setup your shopping cart to use, Psi-Gate credit card processing, or PayPal; each of these comes with an added layer of security. You'll share a VeriSign security certificate with Websites Now, saving you from the $500 cost of purchasing a certificate of your own, and ensuring your customers enjoy a worry-free shopping experience when they e goods or services from your website. The VeriSign logo is prominently displayed on checkout pages to further enhance and professionalize the shopping experience.

Customer Support & Overall Service

You can easily reach Websites Now customer support by dialing the toll free number displayed at the top of each of their web pages. Technical support is available 24 hours per day, 365 days per year, so if you have any problems with your website, you'll find help is at hand. When taken together with the free trial period and money back guarantee, the overall package is one that you might find very difficult to resist - as well as super simple to get up and running.


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