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Wix.com is one of the few complete e-commerce and website building all-in-one tools available. The company has been around since 2005 with offices in New York and Tel Aviv, Israel, for a true international presence.

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Not only does Wix offer a number of easy-to-use tools, it also makes the entire process enjoyable. Just try this one and you will feel like a web design pro!


Start out by choosing one of the 100+ professionally designed Wix templates. Each of them is completely customizable. The drag and drop editor makes it easy to get the changes that you want, even if you have never built a website before. There is even a feature called Wix Express, which enables you to have a fully functional site ready in no time at all!

Another great feature here is the marketing tools, particularly a great number of SEO tools. Your new site will be search engine friendly with meta data, an HTML mirror site and a number of additional tools that make sure your site is indexed and found easily by potential customers. And if that's not enough, you will also receive free hosting. Many other so-called e-commerce solutions charge additional fees for this service, but not Wix! There is even the option to upgrade to a premium plan, which provides even more storage space and bandwidth. Add in all of your product images, categories and descriptions to help make more sales.

The shopping cart provides a number of extra tools as well. Add PayPal and checkout buttons, choose your own color and style combinations and much more. And best of all, there are no fees taken out of your sales like other e-commerce providers.

Social media tools are also incredibly important today. Wix allows for the possibility of having a truly mobile compatible site and even creating an outstanding Facebook page. Best of all, these are easy to do, taking only minutes!


As a business owner, you may find yourself having to sacrifice what you want in order to get what you need at an affordable price. At Wix.com, all of the plans are very affordable. The only question is which one will meet your needs the best.

As someone interested in making sales online, the best value here is likely to be the e-commerce plan. This one offers a very nice shopping cart, along with a number of extra needed features. This also includes the ability to integrate your site and cart with PayPal and a few other payment processing options.

Another great thing about any of these plans is that hosting is already included. There is no extra charge for hosting your site here on Wix.com. There are also no hidden fees. Many other services include transaction fees or even set-up fees. You will not see any of these here.

There are even a number of freebies. When upgrading to a yearly plan, you will receive a free domain for one year, a $75 voucher for Google Adwords and a $50 Facebook advertising voucher.


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Best Value Package: E-Commerce for 1 year+.

Why? This is only plan which offers a shopping cart and needed e-commerce features.

Safety Options:

One of the most important features and services to consider with an online e-commerce provider is the safety and security of your new site. With Wix, you are covered in this regard. Actually, one of the best things about the site is the fact that you have integration with a payment provider system like PayPal or Google Checkout. These are both names which your customers will recognize and trust.

When your customer enters their payment and credit card information into your site, it is important to understand exactly what happens. For starters, you will not actually have any customer information or data stored on your site. What happens, is that all of this information is actually processed and transacted on the site of your payment processor. So, in essence, you are borrowing or piggy-backing on the highly secure functionality of world class merchants like PayPal and Google!

Of course, you are also free to make any kind of updates to your site. There is a tool which allows you to preview exactly what those changes will look like before actually having them take effect. This is a useful feature to have since it can save you from making unfortunate changes which might have unintended effects.

Customer Support & Overall Service:

Wix.com offers an impressive range of support options and functions. The site itself actually has a search box which is connected to their frequently asked questions section. This is very helpful and almost every answer includes a number of tutorial videos or an expanded article.

You will also enjoy the forum. Here, customers can interact with each other and have their questions answered by others who have actual experience with the system. Of course, there is also traditional email support. Expect a speedy reply from a friendly and helpful staff member.

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