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Yahoo Merchant has grown to popularity for a reason. Powered by Yahoo, it offers users extensive customization options and a reliable infrastructure. Upload as many as 50,000 products and choose from more than 350 great website design templates to add a special personal touch to your online store. With site design tools management controls, marketing options, shopping cart features, and basic marketing tools, Yahoo Merchang provides the boost you need to get started with an online business of your own.

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Website Design Features:

Even if you're brand new to designing and creating websites, Yahoo Merchant's features and tools are designed to help ease the way. First, there's a website builder that walks you through each critical step of the design process; if you are not familiar with programming techniques or have no site design experience, you can choose from one of the many templates Yahoo Merchant has to offer. Don't worry - even if you use one of these templates, the company offers a number of customization tools that ensure your site will have an original, appealing look.

Inventory Management:

Once you're done designing your site, you can add as many as 50,000 products to your inventory. Yahoo Merchant makes this easy - there is a simple wizard that walks you through the process of uploading inventory. Thanks to full customization capacity, you can add many different variants such as customized SKU numbers, different colors, different sizes, and much more. If you choose a higher priced plan, you can take advantage of an order-tracking feature which enables you to track all purchasing activity, including orders, returns, exchanges, and more.

Payment Options:

Finally, Yahoo Merchant allows you to utilize a number of payment options including checks, money orders, credit cards, and PayPal payments. Yahoo accepts in-house credit card processing, which is one major advantage to using this software; automated shipping and tax calculators make checkout simple and enjoyable for customers and easy for you to follow. Once transactions are complete, you can measure your success and go on to drive more business using a wide range of comprehensive tools.

Ecommerce Hosting:

Yahoo! is a trusted name and its security standards are top notch; you're in safe hands when you choose to work with Yahoo Merchant. Not only are you well protected from hackers, worms, and viruses, your store or stores are protected with 99.9% consistent uptime, and data backup is redundant across several different data centers to ensure that your information can be easily recovered in an emergency.

Web pages are further insured by servers located across the planet; even if servers are down in one place, your e-commerce site can continue working for you in other locales. Concerned about crashes and slowdowns during peak sales traffic periods? Don't be - Yahoo Merchant boasts a proven ability to comfortably handle the peak sales traffic that sends lesser e-commerce hosts into hiding.


As far as value is concerned, Yahoo Merchant is pretty hard to top! This company offers a merchant startup package for just over $33 per month for the first year. Once you're up and running, your total cost per month will include your Yahoo Merchant plan's monthly fee, along with transaction fees that are based on the total amount of sales you make each month. You can use a nifty calculator located on the Yahoo Merchant site to see what your estimated cost per month would be - just enter a sales amount, and get a quick total. Often, there are deals for new customers; for example, some benefit from first year fees of just over $25 per month.

Some of the largest e-commerce companies spend as much as five to eight percent of their sales just to maintain their e-commerce infrastructure. When you go with Yahoo Merchant, you'll be charged a mere fraction of that cost - between 0.75% and 1.5% - for access to comparative infrastructure and service quality.



Merchant Starter



Merchant Standard



Merchant Professional



The best thing about this price structure is that you save money when you for the full year, rather than per month. Merchant professionals save over $40 per month just by signing up for an annual Yahoo Merchant account!

Customer Support and Overall Service

Offering all the quality you've come to expect from Yahoo!, Yahoo Merchant offers 'round the clock customer support via email and a 24-hour toll free phone number. In addition, an online help center provides comprehensive online support, with detailed user instructions, a wide range of tutorials, and a whole lot more. Qualified merchants with over $500,000 annually in Yahoo Merchant online sales can receive premium support from a dedicated account manager; qualification for this type of support is subject to the discretion of the company.

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